Boom Gates

If you wanted to acquire the best protection and security in Sydney, then why not consider making use of Boom gates Sydney. This is a bar which is pivoted in your gate that allows blocking access to vehicles through an individual controlled point.  There are some boom gates which are powered and automatic and there those operated manually. In most cases, boom gates are used to secure your property against unauthorised vehicles that would come in.

Boom gates are commonly found in drawbridges, parking facilities, entrances to some restricted areas and even level crossings in Sydney. They are used as the usual method for controlling passages through toll booths as well as access ramps in freeways which are controlled automatically to drop restrict traffics in accident events, cleanup as well as closures without any need to dispatch some law enforcements or road workers.

Automatic barrier to control entrance and flow of traffic in your premises My automatic gate supply a big range of electric boom gates 3 – 7 meters access Safe sensors, remote controls, id swipe cards, push the button and key switches and fingerprint readers are devices that operate boom gates To choose the right boom gate and operators from our Italian-made products, contact us today to get a free quote

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